Rare vintage chronograph #3: cheap replica Breitling AVI ref. 765

The final rare vintage chronograph in today’s Pre-Owned Spotlight comes from perfect replica Breitling. This is the famous AVI ref. 765. If you feel the previous Lemania is too small, this luxury fake Breitling, at 40mm wide, might work for you. Although it had its bezel replaced, the lume is, apparently, still original and beautifully colored. Importantly, the case has not been refinished, which is rare for a watch from 1961.

The 765 is interesting because it predates the famous Breguet Type 20. Apparently, in 1953, Swiss made replica Breitling was in negotiations with the French Air Force, but the deal fell through. The Breguet, Auricoste, Vixa, Dodane, and Airain chronographs that came a year later, in 1954, look a lot like the high quality copy Breitling 765.

Again, this is typography Nirvana. You can clearly see that this Swiss movement replica Breitling was done by hand. Have a look at the 3s in each of the sub-dials. They are completely different. Similarly, we have a hooked 7 in the sub-dial and a straight 7 for the lumed hour marker. The same applies to the 5s. Ah, this really awakes the geek in me. This high quality fake Breitling is offered by Wind Vintage. The price is set at US$19,900.

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