Three Swiss Made Breitling Replica Watches Online

Endurance Pro, reference X82310
Swiss movement replica Breitling describes its quartz-powered Endurance Pro as an “athleisure watch”, which makes us think of designer tracksuits and suggests this isn’t a timepiece that can stand up to a pummelling from the elements—which couldn’t be further from the truth. This beast of a chronograph comes in a practically invincible luxury fake Breitling case and boasts a pulsometer scale—useful for checking your heart-rate mid-triathlon.

The Japanese-market Navitimer Limited Edition, reference A12022.1

Here’s a perfect replica Breitling Navitimer that is sought after among collectors, despite being neither a vintage model nor made from precious metal. It was made specifically for the Japanese market in the late 1990s and only 600 examples were made—200 in white and 400 in black, but the latter is more desirable. Now edging into the territory of neo-vintage, this manual-wind cheap fake Breitling paid tribute to the original Navitimer 806, albeit with a display caseback.

Galactic Unitime, reference WB3510
Sounding like something out of Star Wars , this handsome world-time model is a significant watch in AAA quality replica Breitling’s proud history. It features the brand’s inaugural non-chronograph in-house movement and—another brand-first—a bezel made from tungsten carbide, a material so tough that it’s used to make armour-piercing bullets. Water resistant to 100 metres and featuring a date at 3 o’clock, it’s a great traveller’s high end fake watch.

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