The Forstner Bullet Bracelet on Gerard’s Perfect Replica Breitling Chronospace

As good as the Speedmaster option is, this is where the Forstner Bullet Bracelet truly shines. After looking through my own collection for a match, Gerard suggested that we try his luxury fake Breitling Chronospace from the ’90s. And talk about a perfect pairing! The straight ends perfectly suit the squared-off lug space on this Breitling replica for sale, and the contrast provided by the brushed and polished finishes complements the case perfectly. This contrast is slightly more pronounced on this version of the bracelet due to the aforementioned chamfering of its sides.

The sides of the bracelet flare out towards the bottom (as they did in the original Jacoby Bender bracelet), exposing their polished finish. This also makes the bracelet appear to have a more pronounced taper, which is not the case. Both bracelets of cheap fake Breitling taper to 16mm just before the clasp.

This leads us to the only thing we found as a weakness of the bracelet, which is the contrast between the slim tapered links and the chunky clasp. It’s not a problem concerning comfort or ergonomics, but aesthetically speaking, it could potentially be smoothed over somewhat. That said, while wearing the aaa quality replica Breitling bracelet, you’ll likely not even notice or be bothered by this. In fact, you’ll probably be grateful to have a solid milled system and not a flimsy pressed clasp.

One last thing to note, which applies to both bracelets, is the slightly flat-topped polished links. This is not as noticeable on the polished side, but on the underside, where all links are brushed, you do notice this shape. It adds somewhat to the bracelet’s presence on the wrist, giving those polished links different surface angles to reflect, and visually, it’s rather pleasant.

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