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On May 24, 1962, Scott Carpenter’s top replica Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute watches became the “first Swiss wristwatch in space”. A timepiece reissued sixty years later by the Swiss watchmaker.

All good things come to an end, they say. Above all, they have a beginning. Especially the conquest of space. It took more than certain courage, and seasoned test pilots, to dare to face the first hours of the NASA saga. After all, a space capsule was then little more than the equivalent of a car cockpit sitting atop a high-explosive Mercury-Atlas 7 rocket…

This did not prevent one of the best pilots of his time, Scott Carpenter, from circling the Earth three times aboard Aurora 7. A feat he accomplished with, at his request, UK cheap fake Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute watches on the wrist. Or how the pilots’ favorite watch of the time also became the first watch of astronauts, and the “first Swiss wristwatch in space”, as Breitling presents it today… Indeed, until then, the only Another Swiss timepiece to have reached orbit previously was a pocket chronograph equipped with a bracelet.

If the Cosmonaute is real high quality Breitling Navitimer replica watches, with its circular slide rule for performing mathematical calculations, its “winged” logo of the association of owners and pilots of aircraft and the trio of chronograph sub-dials, its special dial and its movement, on the other hand, allow the time to be read over 24 hours. On the occasion of this 60th anniversary, Georges Kern, CEO of Breitling, also unveiled the Swiss made Breitling copy watches worn that day by Scott Carpenter, which has since been left as is. Indeed, on May 24, 1962, the Aurora 7 space capsule with Scott Carpenter on board landed safely in the Atlantic Ocean. But the astronaut recovery operation will last three hours. This prolonged exposure to seawater will cause irreparable damage to Scott Carpenter’s Cosmonaut. If Breitling immediately replaced the astronaut’s watch, this damaged and corroded piece of space history will be kept as it is by the Breitling family. Its appearance is striking, almost artistic, with its dial and glass marked forever by water. It does not mark the hour: it marks history.

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of its voyage aboard the Aurora 7 spacecraft, this mythical perfect replica Breitling watches, with a 24-hour dial, takes off again in an edition paying homage to the historic mission. A special edition limited to 362 numbered copies, echoing the three towers of the Earth and the year of this space flight. At first glance, the new Breitling Cosmonaute replica watches for sale is a faithful reproduction of the original, between its entirely black dial and a black alligator leather strap or a seven-row stainless steel bracelet.

But this 41mm Breitling super clone watches wholesale shop actually has a steel and platinum case and a platinum bezel. In addition, its open caseback is engraved with the words “Carpenter”, “Aurora 7” and “3 orbits around the Earth” (“3 orbits around the Earth”), as well as “Mercury 7”, the name of the first group of seven astronauts chosen for NASA’s first manned spaceflight.

Last tribute: the engraving on the caseback of the date of Scott Carpenter’s mission, the number on 362 of the AAA Breitling fake watches site and the phrase First Swiss wristwatch in space (“First Swiss wristwatch in space”). A COSC-certified limited edition equipped with a Manufacture Breitling B02 caliber, offered at 10,500 euros, which could only arouse the passion of fans of the brand…

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